How compatible are you?
Are you a Gym Junkie
So, you can't keep up with his/her excessive muscle building or gym junkie antics, and further more you don't even want to. This is not an area where you can sit on the sidelines you either need to join them or find someone else who has similar interest to you.

How compatible are you when it comes to Intelligence
Are you intellectually compatible?
Does one of you contribute to the conversation more, and is this a problem?
Do you feel there are many areas and topics that you or they cannot discuss?
This is a huge area of compatibility as it can strengthen your relationship or weaken it.
If this is an area of concern, then make a point of studying up on topics that are of interest to each other. This would be a good start to strengthening your communication skills.

Are you a social hit and they're not?
Home body or partygoer?
Let's get this straight. So, you're a social butterfly and your partner likes to stay home, get home delivery and watch game shows. There could be an incompatibility factor here!

Does your partner look good on your arm?
Does one of you love to hang out in daggy old jeans and an out of shape t-shirt and the other one is smart, neat, casual with a modern flare? Do you look like you're going to two different functions when you go out? Compatibility on this level is important. If your partner is comfortable with the way he/she is and doesn't want to make an effort with their appearance, you may need to ask yourself if this is the style of person you want to be with.